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COVID has forced restaurants to change the way they do business. One key piece of the operation that has required adaptation is the menu. Customers can no longer share menus, leaving restaurant owners to come up with a creative solutions.


Manu Marketing is pleased to offer restaurants an innovative way to present customers with their menu.  We will work with you to develop an interactive online menu that customers can easily access on their smartphone by scanning a QR code or navigating directly to the site’s URL.  The online menu is easy for customers to use and engaging, allowing restaurant owners the opportunity to connect with their customers.

Benefits and Possibilities:

Convenience: The QR code and/or URL can be shared with customers through the restaurant’s social media channels so customers can consult the menu prior to arriving at the restaurant.

Strategic Placement:

Signs, posters, stickers, printed placemats, business cards, promotional material, and more can be imprinted with the QR code and URL, and placed in strategic locations outside and inside the restaurant. The strategic placement allows customers to easily access the online menu when they arrive on site.

Ordering system:

An ordering system can be linked to the mobile site allowing customers to select their order and send it directly to the service team.

Shareability and Engagement:

increase social media engagement by encouraging customers to share the menu or their favorite menu item(s) on their social media channels. Contests and promotions can also be leveraged to encourage social media sharing.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

Services for Restaurants:

  • Develop new website (or update existing site*)

  • Professional photo shoot of restaurant and food

  • Design 2 meter foot prints for Covid guidelines

  • Design a new and updated menu

  • Create online menu mobile site with corresponding QR code

  • Assistance with managing social media accounts

  • Work with you to create and implement marketing strategies

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