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We are Unit Manager Assistants and we assist property managers, real estate agents and private owners with selling or renting their property/properties.

We will arrange your visits, take photos/videos, post ads on popular websites for people looking to rent or buy, show your space, and handle the application process or send you interested buyers.

We are not agents, we work more as your assistant, handling the leg work, and taking care of your inventory. We also perform minor repairs and renovations to your unit or property.

As an agent, this could mean still receiving your commissions while being at home staying safe.

For property managers responsible for one or more buildings, our services can help you manage your properties more efficiently and give you more time to complete important projects.

As a private owner, we can take the strain off of planning visits and managing applicants.
We can be that extra pair of hands to help you manage the task of selling your home, condo or building.

We can't wait to hear from you! Call us today and let us help you find what you're looking for.

Administrative Services

Assist in the rental or purchase of the property which would include:

  • Taking photos of the property

  • Arranging and performing all visits with interested buyers or leasers

  • Posting ads on various websites 

  • Performing marketing activities to attract buyers or leasers

  • Administering pre-qualified applications

Maintenance Services

  • Cleaning property and get it ready for the new tenant(s)

  • Performing minor repairs and small renovations

  • Painting of interior

  • Emptying of furniture and objects left behind by previous occupant

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